Currently when we make a field "mandatory", it is only available as mandatory when the item is submitted. It would be nice to be able to change these fields to be required when moving the item to "closed". For example, we have a required field "Root Cause". We do not want it mandatory when someone submits an item; only when the item is Closed.


  • There are many cases where it is not practical to make a field mandatory as soon as it is submitted, but should be entered at some point later in the process. This capability would be very useful.

  • This is really needed for defects. When a fixed is entered, there is no way to determine what the expected fix will be. When a bug is moved to the status "test" I would like to require the resolution field. Was it fixed, working as design, a user error...

  • this is a HUGE problem for us too. We are trying migrate away from a separate bug tracking tool, but it is hard because of this (and several other things).
    To do this properly, we would also need to have the ability to manage visibility of items on a dialog by dialog basis (so that a custom field can be actually seen on defect close) let alone be required.

  • is about the same idea.

  • Not enforcing adding a resolution at the close is a HUGE problem for an effective defect tracking and saves time as part of defect retrospective to identify root cause of the defect. Unfortunately our current policy in pur devision is to log everything (question, documentation, observation, lack of product knowledge for a new resource to team). By enforcing teh resolution, it limits the real code fixes.
    Also we need more granular category of resolution status like below and surely not the entire list

    Fixed as documentation
    Fixed as configuration

  • We have several fields that we don't know what the value is when creating the story or defect, but want to ensure this information is entered before the item is closed. The ability to make a field mandatory on close would be very helpful.

  • We would like the ability to Require certain fields (Text & Dropdown List) on a Defect when a specific status is selected. Right now we have no way to force people to enter comments when resolving\verifying defects. Having this ability would help us a lot in making VersionOne an effective tool for managing defects in our org.

  • +1 vote from me.

    In transitioning from TFS to VersionOne, this is something that we are working out how to handle. Controlling which state an item can move to based on its current state, and which fields are mandatory / optional and visible / hidden based on current state.

  • We also need a way to set some fields in a Backlog Item or Defect as required only for certain statuses.

  • My team of scrum masters spend a considerable amount of their time cleaning up data because we can't make a field required. This is the most important feature you could add for my company.

    Evan Smith

  • +1 ....

  • The Spring 2020 release included the ability to mark fields as Important by Planning Level and the Summer 2020 release introduced the ability to enforce these fields at close. Check out and for more details