The new "Add Backlog Item Inline" is a great feature. It makes it very quick and easy to create new backlog items and defects very quickly. Unfortunately to create tasks for a particular backlog item, you still have to open up a new window. It would be nice to support similar functionality for tasks and tests so that on the main product backlog page you could have an "Add Task Inline" option in the story drop down on the right. Similar functionality should be considered for Tests.


  • You should use the same U/I for every EDIT use case. It's very frustrating trying to remember which version of an edit is the one I need to use. Why would planning an item be any different than editing the item?

  • I could be mistaken but I believe the ability to "Add Inline" tasks is there for Backlog items but not for Defects? I still have to click the "Add" button for defects which pops a dialog and I only want to add task titles/owners/estimates quickly without having to be pestered for additional detail (until needed).

  • I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. We should be able to inline add tasks to stories.