Many of our scrum teams have stories that are reoccuring in each sprint they do. As an example, in our coaching team we have a reoccuring story to facilitate support-group meetings with our ScrumMasters. Another example are team 'overhead' items like setting up sprint code branches, etc. Currently we use story templates for these stories, and each time a new sprint is created, we have to then populate the sprint with new backlog items generated from these story templates.

It is easy to forget to add these repeat stories to the newly created sprint, if they are not in the backlog first, so often times, we resort to making 3-4 stories from the story template at a time, and label it it like: "Setup Branches - Iteration 1" "Setup Branches - Iteration 2"....etc, and then prioritize them so that we remember to pull them in when we create the sprint and start planning. It would be nice if you could have a sprint (or Release for that matter) template, that allows you to define what stories to create from a story template and pull them in automatically when the sprint/release is created. It would save time and potential errors over doing it manually.


  • Hi V1 team,

    Can you provide feedback on this?