We'd like to be able to apply an existing template to multiple, existing stories.


  • This would be a huge help!! It's extremely common to have a similar set of tasks that need to be performed for every story and defect. It's frustrating and time consuming to add these one at a time and we want to encourage, not discourage, the flow of ideas when generating stories.

    From the backlog, add a 'copy from template' option to the list of actions available in the "Move To Project" drop down list when multiple stories are selected. Extra points for letting us pick the tasks to add.

  • Also need to be able to apply a template while creating PBIs within the Epic section!!

  • i agree applying a template to an existing story or defect would be helpful.

  • This would help us. We sometimes create the story or defect in line during grooming or planning and we would like to populate the list of tasks with the tasks from one of our templates after.

  • Also apply template when creating "defect" from Bugzilla.

  • over a year ago but no response from VersioneOne, we need it instead of deleting story and re-create

  • This would be a ton of help! We apply tasks to each story based on the environment/stage it is in, QA, review etc. Sometimes engineers forget to add these tasks and a US can get forgotten within a certain stage.