Mobile Apps for Android BlackBerry and iPhone to allow for easy review of Sprint status

- Ability to change which release/sprint to view.
- View a release backlog list.
- Ability to easily see where tasks are in status (Not Started, In Progress, and Done)
- Ability to Burndown hours or update tasks.
- Ability to see Sprint Details (Story Points, Completed SPs, etc.)
- Ability to see any blockers.

Nice to Have:
Editing Items
Adding of Items

Currently the web page for VersionOne is viewable on a phone, but it is slow to make changes. Would be nice to have a mobile version that is consolidated and able to view items quickly.


  • I can't help but think they must be working on it. I've played around with an app made for Unfuddle (Anfuddle app, for Android) and they did a good job. I hope they make one for V1 too.

  • I would hope to see at least a simple mobile site (lightweight and small footprint) so it would work on any phone, making apps just would take longer and make it harder to maintain, plus we'd be fighting against which phones to support, they'd go to iphone for sure, then android than who knows if puny mortals on blackbarry and windows phones would ever see any light of day on that.

  • I've been a big fan of V1 for several years. The one item missing out of the tool belt of the arsenal is a mobile piece. Having something that would work from a tablet that I can use in meetings to update status, add tasks, etc would be so valuable. There is a very lightweight iphone app already in the app store but it's too light weight. I need something a bit more feature complete.

  • Quick need for daily use on a smartphone:
    - see a burndown
    - select a defect or US with a QRCode
    - select a defect or US with criteria direclty
    - see easily the description of a user story
    - see easily the task of a user story
    - see easily my task
    - change easily a status/sprint/project/owner.done/todo of a user stories/defect or tasks
    - add easily a task
    - having planning poker cards

  • The ability to Create/Edit BLI/Defect items would save me hundreds of emails a month!

  • nice

  • yes please

  • They must be working on this if the stories already have QR codes built into them. Also, the market is, in general, mobile-focused

  • Conversations should be included in the mobile app. VERY important to include easy collaboration/communication as part of the mobility package.

  • Yes, please. the mobile browser "optimized" experience is really poor.

  • Blackberry? Why? but yes on iPhone and Android (maybe Windows OS too)

  • It's surprising that despite the many votes for this, there is still no iOS application for VersionOne. Many of their competitors are offering this.

  • Yes agreed. At least they could improve the mobile browser experience (Chrome, Safari).

  • This post is over 1 year old and still nothing has come up.

  • We are getting significant heat for not having a mobile-friendly web version for our on-prem installation.

    *Recommend the title of this change from "app" to mobile-friendly web.*

    Of course, currently the only thing you can do from your phone browser by default is Conversations and Activities. I see that there is a menu option for Desktop Site. It kind of works, but a mobile experience would be much better and easier to read.

    Please raise the priority of this > 1 year old request.

  • I have many customers who are project leads or VPs managing many projects. They use version one (mostly the roadmap view and storyboard view) to manage their projects. They travel quite a bit and desperately want a mobile friendly version that they can access while on the road.

  • Android support sounds like an obvious thing to do these days.

  • Blackberry? Is that still a thing? Android/OSX, absolutely. Mobile APP!

  • Brandon - re: BlackBerry, it speaks to the age of this idea. These days Blackberries literally are Android with layers of their own security on it. But yeah, let’s get this rolling. And modern Dashboard building, and... :)

  • There is still a great need for a mobile app. Hoping this is on the radar. Willing to help in any way I can also. Thanks V1!

  • I like to highlight here is that, non availability of this feature is a risk for a business to adopt V1 and other tool which they currently using has this feature and most of the users are hooked to this feature. Can this be priorities.

  • This is a no brainier. Please work on this.