I find the Import mechanism (by CSV or XLS) to be pretty clunky. The first problem is that the column headings seem to be quite dated and don't correspond to terminology in the latest version. It's not great to have to read the cell comments and try to determine (or in some cases, guess) which columns here correspond to which fields in VersionOne.

Along similar lines, I think that the Import template should use the same column names as in the Export spreadsheets. For instance, if I want to duplicate stories from one feature group into another feature group, it should be as simple as exporting the stories to Excel, changing all the feature groups there, and then importing the Excel spreadsheet.


  • Seconded, the import process is pretty painful, primarily due to the inconsistency in field naming between the system UI, the templates and import error messages.

  • Agreed! Trying now to move a project from a trial server to production and it's incredibly painful. Even worse is knowing that it would be so much easier if the export process would just use the same format as the import!

  • Consider voting on:
    Import Template: make it User Friendly, Intuitive, and Useful

  • Yes. Please, save me a LOT of time reformatting all this stuff just to put it right back in. Also, since I can only export visible fields, I have to customize my view to show every single field and there is no "select All" checkbox in the header... Ouch.