As a Product Manager/Product Owner, I want to have the ability to visually layout my users stories, epics on a 'whiteboard/sticky note' area in a drag and drop fashion, so that it will help with the feature prioritization relative to each other and separate into different releases.


  • Love the idea. Provide more of a sandbox for initial story exploration / mock up. Then, allow those stories from this workspace to be transitioned into a physical V1 story, epic etc.

  • Yes, related to this, it would be great to have some sort of mind mapping functionality for creating userstories and epics. Mind maps is great for brainstorming and if these could be converted into user stories and epics it would be awesome!

  • I would also like to include release planning in the left column... basically deciding which release buckets are down the left, and workflow/functional buckets across the top. It's a very useful and visual way to commununicate overall priority and release strategy, and much easier to grok than a list.

  • I like Steve's idea of mind maps. I'll add that it would be nice to pull in existing user stories from the backlog so they can be included in the mindmap.

  • mind maps are exactly what I need.
    Also the ability to pivot the visual map between epics, feature groups, and then stories related to roadmap milestones would be ideal. We really need the mind map feature right now - our whole group is innovative and brainstorm-esque and would use the feature.

  • yes, true story mapping functionality would be useful. Teams could collaborate online to compile and build out the map. Allowing a hierarchy of stories related to a given activity so that teams see the whole. From there, horizontal slices could be carved out for the MMF (minimal marketable feature sets). IE. See Jeff Patton's site

  • There's a pretty cool tool called that I'd love to see integrated into VersionOne. I've been able to "link" to a storyboard map as a tab and be able to move stories around directly within V1. However, there isn't a read only mode and you have to invite users individually. It would be great if there was some sort of integration with V1 that allows all users in V1 to view the story board map without being able to make changes unless they have a certain access right or role.

  • This is a must have for my current company. Story Maps were the best way of communicating our overall user experience and get a rather large program started. One giant backlog didn't work. I believe both Rally and JIRA/Greenhopper have User Story Map plugins. It's time!

  • Downstream, we need to be able to slice, detail, prioritize and track stories. But before that it is important to discover all important stories and organize them in releases that are covering the most urgent needs of the market. For that Story Mapping is a simple and elegant way.

  • The mapping exercise is a key part of Release Planning. Having a tool to project the epics and then the stories as they are elaborated would be extremely helpful.

  • Functionality along the lines of a story map, mind map, or product canvas with bidirectional integration with the product backlog would be great. I'm using other tools to do these things but then I have to reenter stories in the V1 product backlog.

  • As mentioned repeatedly here, story maping is an important aspect to the agile development process. A link from story mapping to epochs is to quote the others before me would be, "awesome". Hmmm, this has been running for over a year! Where is it in the backlog?

  • We are moving more and more towards using Story Mapping in our agile processes. Unfortunately we are not able to use VersionOne to do this for us and we're coming up with home-brew or third party solutions that don't really work. We need this natively in VersionOne. C'mon guys...let's get moving on this.

    The Agile community moves quickly...we need the tools to also be agile.

  • I hav ebeen using some other simple tools that say they integrate with version one - Cardboard IT

  • Thanks for the info Amanda, I'll check out Cardboard.

  • This is another great example of an empirical process where in we have adpated for betterment on how we do agile/scrum. To define a storymap for feature and so called walking the skeleton in version would be so so beneficial.

  • Story-mapping is catching fire among product people wherever I go. Tools like,, and are appearing in this space. Each of them is driving to add integrations with VersionOne, Rally, and Jira (and I'm flogging them to add support for GitHub Issues). But really story-mapping capability is fundamental to managing a large backlog and shouldn't come from external tools if possible!

  • Being able to show visual storymaps will help communicate context to developers and encourage collaboration as the maps are built together with product owners.

  • From what I heard at the Agile 2015 conference, Cardboard (now without the "IT") is now integrating with V1. (See DevJam)

  • This is a must have. Please implement ASAP. Thanks.

  • We would expect this as a core feature not a third party interface.
    Horizontal lines by feature with stories, pty, risk or status as options for the verticals.
    A hybrid between the portfolio tree and the task board. Must be able to drag drop stories between horizontal lanes.

  • This is definitely needed. Tools like JIRA and others make it very easy to use. While post-it approach is great to begin, it needs to be documented and shared across our locations.

  • would love to have this feature added!

  • Please add story to sprint mapping!

  • If not in this tool, it would be great if Version1 can integrate with tools like

  • We rely on StoriesOnBoard to plan projects with our business team and also to show our progress. It is a pain to maintain two systems. For me personally, having a story map that lets me drop V1 epics on the map (rather than backlog items) would be perfect. Epic levels are easiest to communicate in a 2-dimensional map to our business team users. I'll take care of translating the story map priority to a ranked backlog but keep the relation to the epic please. Seeing a rolled up progress (epic progress) on the story map would eliminate creating project updates for non-V1 users.

  • As a form of cross-pollination, please see the following idea which builds on the user story mapping idea.
    Flexible story whiteboard for affinity grouping, mind-mapping, etc.

  • I've had to print out story cards and do this physically for a Kanban team. We don't have iterations so for roadmapping we just have to keep track of what we're thinking of doing when. Doing this in VersionOne (or integrated with Stories On Board, as Vandan suggested) would be helpful for planning.

  • One of our teams chose to use LeanKit instead of VersionOne for their program-level planning exercise this week. In retrospective I asked why and they said that they needed a "good old fashioned post-it note type interface to map our stories across sprints for each team. Since we have off-shore team members we needed a tool that could be shared easily across the globe." I suggest this is prioritized to help enable planning. The multi-sprint planning capabilities in V1 leave a lot to be desired and the Program Boards are completely unusable for this purpose. Go to the SAFe Program Board samples ( )and there is absolutely no way to produce something like that in V1.

  • +1

  • Our problem with external applications like CardBoardIt or Stories on Board is that they are cloud based applications and we have not found one that integrates with VersionOne that will provide an on premise installation of their product. At this time, we cannot use cloud based applications and need an on premise installation (our VersionOne is an on premise installation).

  • Please get some inspiration from Jira or Miro on how to do User Story Mapping. This is a feature that we would love to see in VersionOne

  • if linking with a 3rd party vendor,

  • This would be great. as pm or pm we would be able to do most of our work within this tool and would enable more transparency.