When a team member enters zero hours into the "To Do" field in Task Tracking, that task should be moved to the Completed column.

Conversely, when a task is moved to the Completed column, any remaining hours in the To Do field should be moved to the Effort field (maybe split between multiple owners, if applicable).


  • I concur. VersionOne desperately needs some workflow logic.

  • You know some of the logic is there somewhere, because when you have a task with no owner and you select "Sign Me Up" it automatically moves the task into the "In Progress" column.

  • Some of the behavior described above in the comments is configurable via transitions. This could be an extension to those transitions.

  • yes please

  • +1

  • I think that this should be a configurable option rather than automatic for all users.

  • Yes, when a task is dragged to completed, the time remaining should be set to zero. Without this, the task board view is kind of useless. I still have to go in and set this to 0.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Strongly agree on setting the remaining hours to 0 when a task is completed. Do we have an update on this yet? Looks like the last comment was a year ago..

  • This would be nice. Other thing, I don't know if there is separate idea for that:
    -When move task from None to In Progress state -> change automatically story also to In progress state.

  • The same would be if a task is moved to Blocked, the Story would also be Blocked.

  • +1

  • i also vote for both

  • I like these ideas. I understand that there can be challenges to decide how to do if the item has more than one task, but it should still be definable in clear cases, something like this:
    - If any task moves to "In Progress" or "Blocked", then the parent item should also move to "In Progress" or "Blocked".
    - If the last task moves to "Completed", then the parent item should also move to "Done" (this might be configurable in case some don't want this).
    - And definitely, if a task moves to "Completed", its ToDo should automatically change to 0, and vice versa is its ToDo is changed to 0, it should automaticallu move to "Completed".

  • Our company is facing a similar issue with respect to workflow, so here's to reviving this particular thread a bit. A somewhat related issue we created is documented here: https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/1724

  • Why does Quick Close not resolve this? Set To Do to zero, move to Done, and close it.

  • We don't always want to close at the same time. It can be for example that the user wants to move the task to Completed, but still have it open until the next standup meeting or similar to show other team members that it is Completed, and only then close it.

  • I agree with Antti - we don't want to close the item when it's reduced to 0 hours since the teams like to see the the completed items during stand-up. If this could be configurable in Transitions, that would be ideal.

  • This has been brought up multiple times in our standups as well. A task should zero out the To Do hours when it's moved to Completed. It sounds like there may be more options that some people do or don't want or are harder to implement, but I think we really need at least this basic functionality.

  • I agree that I would like to see the "to do" hours go to zero when it is moved to the completed column, and I would like to see a task automatically move to the completed column when the task hours are set to zero.

  • The only thing I disagree on this about is in terms of the Effort. There is no guarantee that if 2 hours were left in To Do that all of the time was actually spent (or ONLY that amount was spent). Instead, I envision a simple pop-up like the Tracking one on the Task/Test Boards, allowing you to enter your Effort and zero out the time remaining.

  • Rally has this feature and allows customization of it per team. It would be excellent if VersionOne also had this.

  • I agree the first part would be useful. For the second part, I would recommend just setting the estimate to complete to zero. It would be dangerous to assume that the work took just the amount of time estimated (it is often longer, sometimes shorter), and that all owners contributed equally (which would be rare unless they were pair-programming). Upvoted, nonetheless.

  • Considering that the To Do column represents just that: what's left to do, then adding the feature makes sense. Effort tracking is where you can keep up with what actual effort was put towards a task, story, defect, etc., but the To Do represents how much the team member estimates is left to complete, not how much work they have done.

    Adding the feature, for me, would be a nice little time saver. Upvoted, also.

  • Ouch, not sure that this is a great idea. Auto changes are typically dangerous as they can infer things happened or are happening that are not actually happening. sign me up does not mean the work is in progress and auto-zeroing hours or completion status driving effort does not imply that those hours were worked. I'd vote for making things simpler/easier, but automating processes that require thought or decision, not so much.

  • My understanding is that we're only talking about the "To Do" estimate here, not the "Effort" field where actuals are tracked. If a developer says that he has no hours left on a task, it would seem reasonable to assume that the task is completed and vice versa. Automating this simply saves some time and overhead. I do agree with some of the above comments that this should be configurable, though, because there always seems to be an edge case where this wouldn't make sense. I think the majority of users, however, would see the addition of this automation as a workflow efficiency gain.

  • Yes please. Make tasks zero out the To Do hours when the task is moved to Complete. If a task is moved to Complete it means there is no more work To Do - otherwise it would not be Complete. How is this not obvious? Making this configurable in Transitions so that we could do the same on other (custom) columns would be best.