In order to pre-populate/seed an Ideas forum (maybe prior to publicizing it), it would be very helpful if the forum admin could create a baseline of ideas directly form within V1.


  • Having managed forums before, I see this as key in order to get certain types of feedback or conversations started.

  • As part of a process whereby you migrate from one system to another, the ideas forum in V1 should be able to be populated through an import and it should also be possible to include in that data the email address of the submitter in the source system (or support custom fields in general)

  • Need to be able to back generate ideas from requests, epics, stories or import them... most importantly pre-register users and assign imported ideas to them.
    good for initial launch but also would regularly use when user/customers initially comunicate outside the ideas portal.

  • Note that stories, as the least common denominator, can be used to generate ideas into a forum. Epics, requests, issues can all be used to generate stories which, in turn, can generate an idea and still link to all the aforementioned assets.