Once an Ideas forum has served its purpose, it would be good to be able to delete and /or close the forum.


  • I thinkt he ability to delete OR close / inactivate a forum would be nice (both options).

  • This is a no brainer. If you can create something, you should always be able to delete it - especially as an Administrator who might create a forum for testing purposes and then no longer needs it. While I understand you can "hide" it, that doesn't remove it from the Admin's view which just adds unnecessary clutter and confusion.

  • This makes it really not desirable to use as freely as it was proposed for usage in the demo I was provided. While it lends itself well to many uses. If I have so see every forum that every system admin creates across our many business units, this list will be overwhelming and inefficient. I will have to search line by line. Especially since there isn’t even a filter button on this screen. If a filter button could be added…that would at least allow for an efficient search. (Will create an Idea for the search feature).

  • The inability to delete ideas and forums would be very nice. Our admin UI is cluttered with unnecessary and out-of-date entries.

  • When is it coming? 2y/o post.

  • We can really make use of this, its a basic CRUD operation.

  • I think this would be a necessary feature, especially when you are just learning the system and setting up test forums and posts. Again, I feel this is another major oversight in the system.

  • Struggling to get buy in from the organization with the lack of this ability.

    I created some test forums for the executive team to review, now the forums are stuck there.

    What's frustrating is that the concept of IdeaSpace is gaining traction, but the fact that I couldn't delete the test forums gave the impression that the VersionOne's IdeaSpace functionality was incomplete and/or buggy..

    We're trudging forward with the implementation of ideaspace, but let's get this fixed so it's easier for everyone else to get the necessary buy in!

  • similar thoughts to above. Test forums and old forums make thing cluttered. Focus on delivering new and shiny is great (sales love it) but the wheels need some grease to make it a fun ride. Product feels only half finished without this, and user convience appears to be low focus.

  • Is there a status update on adding this feature? It would be useful to close, archive or delete forums and ideas.

  • We have too many old forums that are no longer being used, but taking up space in the list. Would at least like to be able to close so they can be hidden.