When I do a search, I want to use a leading wildcard like when doing a google search. But V1 uses Microsoft SQLServer Full Text Searching which does not allow the use of a leading wildcard.

For example:

xxx* works fine, but *xxx returns nothing. This is unacceptable for a product that requres extensive search capabilities to access the data desired.


  • I vote for this capability also. Phyllis M.

  • Vote for this

  • Search should be enhanced. We have Portfolio items with names like FR15183A & FR15183B that exist in the system. They are not found unless the full string is entered (not very useful). Entering any of the following does not show both the A and B items. FR15183 FR15183* FR151 FR151*

  • Vote for this as well. Support a large enterprise where the limited search capabilities need to be updated.

  • Yes, please