Today if you switch in one browser window to a different project then all other windows also switch to it under the hood and the next click on "Sprint Planning" brings you do the other windows projects view rather then the one from which you clicked.

Because of this it's hard for me to work as a SM in one team and a team member in a couple others as the latest settings win and break other views - this is counter intuitive and would probably be easy to fix by keeping the project (at least) as part of the URL so that once a page is opened using ProjectA then all links on that page should lead to pages of that project regardless of what I do in other tabs/browsers in the mean time.


  • this is even a problem when you have 2 browsers on 2 different PCs....

  • I support this feature. it would be helpful if you work in/with more than 1 teams

  • I agree. When working in two different projects it is nice to have two browsers maintain the project that has been selected in that browser. Having to constantly switch projects in a completely different browser is inconvenient, especially when the refresh of V1 is slow.

  • I agree. I'm trying to manage multiple backlogs and it's very frustrating to be forced into a work-flow of managing only one at a time.

  • I deal with multiple projects and multiple views daily, and this makes using the tool ridiculously slow and painful. The fact that I can't keep multiple tabs open to different projects or create shortcuts/favourites is ridiculous.

  • I have just run into this and it is somewhat annoying that after all this time this basic issue has not been addressed.

  • Really need this, I work on several at the same time and swapping between projects is slow and the context of the various browser windows gets messed up.

    please do this one.

  • This is driving me mad ... please sort this
    i am working with 7 separate scrum teams and only having a single project context across all browser windows is very limiting

  • 1. I need two browsers so i can copy information from one item (defect) to another (backlog) and I need to be able to apply one filter in the first browser to find the defect and another in the other browser to find the backlog item.
    2. when I am multi-tasking, I open a large number of backlog items in a large number of browser windows. i am uncomfortable now that i realize there may be data shared between these on the back end.

  • This would be really nice, as we are monitoring many different release projects simultaneously. Any update on one page will refresh to the last selected project regardless of where you want to be.

  • Please continue to cast votes for this feature. We've secured funding for and have begun displaying large screen display information radiators around our offices. This feature will allow us to cycle between our critical projects much easier.

  • Support this feature. V1 is so cumbersome / slow to work with because you don't have the ability to work with multiple project at a time is.

    It is also frustrating that I cannot setup a filter in one browser tab, and another filter in another browser tab without loosing the first filter. Some filters are quite complicated and takes time to RE-setup again and again :( :(

  • I am a scrum over multiple teams and it is very frustrating to have to manage one team at a time and not be able to switch from one to the other via different browser windows. Definitely agree with others that this should be addressed.

  • I agree with these comments. I am the Scrum Master for 3 teams and am constantly switching from one team to the other and have found myself changing the wrong stuff and having to redo work.

  • I work with 3 tabs open with different projects, constantly having to change and wait for the refresh when i move from one to another.

  • I will be migrating to Agility after using another product, I am definitely accustomed to being able to have several different contexts in multiple tabs, this seems like an important feature.

  • Agreed. I would like to be able to bookmark different projects, keep more than one open at a time, etc. It's very frustrating to have to manually switch between them.