To integrate ideas into our corporate site we need to be able to brand it. The logo is a good start, but I need to be able to change colours, icons would be nice and we would need to shrink the "powered by version one" note at the bottom.

Great start to the app guys - keep up the development on it!


  • +1! To add to this, I'd like to be able to change that style per forum. We have several sites where IdeaSpace would be an amazing way to acquire ideas or assess user demand, but each has it's own branding.

  • Hacked the CSS in the meantime; MySpace-style. ;}

  • @Alec. If ideas is hosted, how did you hack the CSS? can you post an example?

  • Google 'Apache reverse proxy'.

  • Agree, the Ideas site is a customer-facing concept and needs to support custom Headers, Footers, and CSS for each forum.

  • This is a bigger suggestion, but all I want to do is change the color scheme...even from red to my own color, I don't need any other CSS functions for now.

  • Completely agree with Jacqueline. How can I present a page to my customers that has my logo along side conflicting colors?
    ... shot dead before leaving the fox hole!

  • Any examples or howTos for Hacking the CSS? We know how to implement reverse server proxy but there must be something missing in order to override the CSS. Any tips would be very greatly appreciated!

  • Amen!