When adding a new backlog item or defect, only the Details tab is available. To add information on the Relationships, Links, Attachments, or Discussions tabs the user has to save, then reopen/edit.

Please provide a configuration option to make all the above tabs 'active' when adding a new item.

One common use case - when adding a Defect I frequently have a screen shot attachment to include. It is inconvenient to add the defect, save, then re-open and add the attachment.


  • Good idea, I agree with you.
    I would suggest, we should enter as much information in the defect, like expected result, actual result, steps to recreate a defect, if we follow this procedure, we can save some time.

    Few times we see that testers raise a defect that developers can not reproduce at their end. Deveopers then mark the defect as "Cannot reproduce" and testers re-open the defect because they still see it at their end.

    More analysis into the defect can actually help in reproducing the defect in any enviornment.

    Your idea is going to solve above problem.


  • Yes! Yes! Yes! - It's always about usablity - ALWAYS!

  • YES!

  • I agree with and voted for this Idea; my work-around has been to use the "OK & View" link to save the asset and then immediately add attachments, links, etc.

  • Absolutely a great idea!