Many enterprise search tools, like Google Search Appliance, and Microsoft SharePoint, support the OpenSearch standard for federated search results. This allows the search tool to pass the search query to a specific application, like V1, and then that application performs the query using its own search module and returns the results as an RSS-formatted XML document.

For instance, this would allow a user in SharePoint to perform a search for a specific product, "Widgets". The search results would include documents from SharePoint that have the term Widgets in them, but additionally, by using the out of the box federated search functionality, it would also include results from V1 for defects/stories the user has access to that mention Widgets. From one result page, the user can quickly jump between applications to the information they were trying to find.

Atlassian provides an OpenSearch endpoint for their Jira and Confluence products and it was fairly easy for them to implement, since none of the core search logic has to change - only the presentation. This is also a standard being adopted by many vendors, including Firefox and Internet Explorer (in their browser-based search boxes).


  • The original poster stated the core concept well. We would also like to be able to search VersionOne content through something like a Google Search Appliance or Lucene/Solr.

  • Integrating with Office 365 Delve would work best for us.