Currently Feature Groups can be moved only higher in the project-hierarchy. We find this limitation artificial and pointless. Please allow moving Feature Groups also to lower levels in the project hierarchy.


  • Now that we understand better why this has been limited to begin with, we have an addition to this suggestion: All the stories under the Feature Group should be moved to the same Project automatically (maybe with a "Are you sure?" prompt for the user.)

  • As requested, here's a bit more detailed description of our use case. We are using VersionOne for product-level backlog management. In our biggest project we have over a dozen teams. The project is divided into 2 month Enterprise Iterations which consist of four 2-week iterations. In the same way as the Iteration planning happens with stories, the Enterprise Iteration planning happens with Features (Feature Groups in VersionOne). So we need to be able to move Feature Groups from one Enterprise Iteration (Release or subproject in VersionOne) to another.

  • We want to be able to move features groups from one project to another as some features might not make it in a product (=release) and have to be moved. Pls chaneg the behaviour that Feature Groups can also be moved down to child projects and not only up to parent projects.

  • We need to be able to use feature groups to separate milestones. Epics (portfolio items) cannot be used in our case as we need to use those for program milestones.

  • Put simply, this is inconsistent with how other artifacts work in the system and not intuitive if a Backlog Group was created at the wrong level in error.

  • V1 Support explained to me that "Backlog Groups cannot be moved down the project tree; they can only be moved up the project tree to expand the area of coverage. Moving them down the project tree contracts the area of coverage and risks losing items that might sit outside of the lower level project you select." I understand this, but given that I have made sure that there are no items outside of the lower level I wish to select, this should be available. Adding a step to programatically check that may provide a way to do this safely and solve both needs.

  • This has tripped me up and created a fair bit of grief. Please implement this request. I can handle making sure stories wind up where they need to be. Not having this functionality is disruptive and costs me a lot of time every time I run into the limitation.

  • This is really frustrating not being able to move a backlog group from one project to another project, regardless of hierarchy. The workaround is cumbersome as the original Backlog Groups are usually linked with different areas within and outside of V1, so that would require someone to update a lot of different places.