As I enter feature groups, backlog items, and defects, sometimes I need to make identical changes to multiple items (when marketing changes a product name, for instance).

A really useful feature would be to search and replace text in the titles and description fields. This would save me from needing to open, edit, and close many, many items.


  • useful, but not extremely necessary (I voted for it)

  • Each of our User Stories includes links (URLs) pointing to related requirements in a database. The requirements database is now moving to a new domain, so all the links from User Stories in V1 will be broken. A Find and Replace feature would be an easy fix in this case - we would only need to replace the domain name in link fields across all User Stories.

  • This would be an excellent addition. Our backlogs are often created long before we have an official name for a feature or product so being able to find and replace all occurrences of a phrase would be extremely helpful. In our current project the development has already started and some of the names are only now being finalized, so we will end up with inconsistency because some stories are already closed using the original name and some of the new stories have the new, official name; in these cases it would be necessary to allow edits on closed work items as well.