When you use the search function, the results screen does not allow an export like the regular data windows. I want to be able to export to excel the same way other windows do today.


  • We really need this capability since this is the one place where we can search and find all the different types of entities. We have 1000s of entities and therefore search is critical including the ability to export to excel. Shouldn't this be extremly easy simple, low risk, and low LOE since export is implement on just about all other grids in the System?

  • This functionality is fairly important - is there any timeline of when it might be available?

  • I also join this request - it is very important to be able to export the results of the query to excel. As a Product Owner - this query is one of my important tools and missing the ability to export the results to excel prevent me from utilizing them.

  • This feature would be far more helpful if export was available.

  • I currently spend a lot of time manually combining a several reports to get to all the same information that is easily found in the search functionality, the search is actually really helpful, but one big issue you cannot export this results. Please add this feature ASAP.