I get stories, defects or issues assigned and never know about it. I'm not in V1 all the time, so I don't look at my work list unless I need to.


  • I have users in my company (I'm the admin) that are in V1 all the time, but I have others that aren't. I think this is a good idea!

  • In addition, it should be possible to create notification schemes so users can receive a default set of notification settings.

  • You can do this already. Create a Subscription (My Home -> My Notification -> Subscriptions) to alert you when a Story has Owner added and you are the Owner. In My Preferences enable Notify via email. Make also sure that you have entered SMTP server info in Admin.

  • It needs to be more granular, and not just at the story level - notification of defects, tests, tasks, etc would be very useful for the those of my team not in the system all the time.

  • Look, it's 2011 and we all know how to manage inbox rules. I already manage too many web tools to remember to check my inbox in version one...it is just one more place to look. I like things that let me me manage all my work and requests together. Let me turn on or off these notifications in a simple way. Don't make me turn it on for each story or project.

  • Subscriptions are not enough. You can not subscribe others, so when they are put on a new project, they have to remember to go setup subscriptions for that project. Let us turn on notifications that relate to us no matter where they are.

  • Free my notifications! It would be immensely helpful to get a notification when something gets assigned to me instead of discovering it days later if the assigner forgot to separately inform me.

  • I'm tired of telling everyone how to subscribe to notifications, just send them and email if we assign something to them. Their email address is already on there account for that reason!

  • 3 years and no resolution? It's fine that we can all set up such subscriptions. But at least make these subscriptions the default for every new user. Getting notified automatically when something is assigned to you is hardly a minor feature - it's a key feature. It's kind of silly for us to have to maintain a little document that new joiners need to read and in order to realise that they have to manually subscribe to such a basic thing as "work assigned".

  • +1

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • Yes, by default they should get those subscriptions for new users. If they don't want certain ones, then they can opt-out.

  • Does this feature been added to the VersionOne? I am a new ScrumMaster and using VersionOne, my team wanted to get email when I add a Task to them automatically. Is there any settings I have to change for them to get Emails?

  • You can do this, it is just a quite manual. Each user needs to go to My Home- MyWork-Subscriptions. There you can set up to get an email notice whenever your name is addedd as owner. You need to do this separately for each memeber and for each item type: BL item, Task, etc

  • I think this should help. Thanks. I will try implementing it.

  • +1 As admin i should be able to set basic subscriptions for my users e.g asset assigned to them without chasing every single one of them and having them subscribe to it.

  • +1 Using subscriptions when I am made owner, that's great...but I need notification when story I own is edited.

  • +1, totally agree. Getting an e-mail once you are assigned something is basic functionality that the competition already has, it improved communication!!!

  • +1, this idea seems to be extremely old and everyone still manage their notifications through subscriptions.

  • yes this is very much required

  • Don't ever implement this -- I get enough spam, I don't need the tool to create spam for me.

  • Yes, we all need this.
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  • Would be great also for the PO to be notified if a story gets moved to done by a team member.
    Also would be nice to have the option of subscribing to a daily digest or immediate notifications.

  • this issue may be related to https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/3108