We have run into numerous problems when attempting to import stories, tasks and test into VersionOne. It appears that the Import tool searches for all workitems with a matching name. Since some of our project tasks are done on each project (i.e. review installer for new dependencies, run regression tests, etc) and we are attempting to use VersionOne to track our time. We have many stories that are nearly identical from one release to another. This continues to cause us issues when attempting to import these. We have also run into the situation where we import a set of stories and tasks, then soem change requires so many changes to the stories and tasks that we decide to make these changes outside the tool. We cannot simply delete the existing stories and tasks and re-import as the deleted ones are found.

First, deleted items and items in other projects/releases should not be considered when importing.
It should be clear what search is going to be made to find the "parent" of an item.

Alternately much better planning tools could be added to VersionOne. These tools would allow for trying different what if senarios prior to "starting" a project/release.

Pat O


  • I don't intend this to be megative... but... this is an agile tool, to be used for an agile environment. Time tracking, same stories every sprint... are you in an agile environment?

  • I agree that the documentation could be better.

  • People need to get over the religious view that agile projects can't have the same structure... We use the import utility quite often. We would like it to be more robust and allow us to bring in an entire project with releases, epics, stories, etc. That way we could go in and just add the "agile" requirements for that specific customer.