As a VersionOne user, I would like integration with Crucible and Fish-eye for our code review process. These are integrated components of our development ecosystem.


  • You should already be able to do this using the SVN integration. We already have this setup and it works flawlessly. Perhaps you should elaborate your acceptance criteria since I think the feature already exists.

  • Andre, could you explain more details how this integration (via Subversion) can work?
    We have already Subversion integration configured. It allow to see changesets connected with given item. But it is not possible to see if given change set was reviewed or even review was requested. I think that this is functionality mentioned by Matt.

  • I too have had requests for Crucible integration with VersionOne. The use case we have is to associate a task with the crucible review. Once the review is complete, the task would be marked as Done.

  • I would like to see this implemented as well. Our dev teams exclusively use Crucible for code reviews, as do many other companies, and would greatly benefit from an integration point between the two tools.

  • I have had a request as well for this from one of my teams who uses Crucible for code and test case reviews.

  • Any luck getting this implemented?

  • Adding another vote for this. Even if the integration just added a "link" to the code review in the V1 backlog, that would be helpful. If the Crucible code review has the V1 ID in the title it would auto-match, similar to the SVN integration.

  • Another vote for integration with Crucible and Fish-eye. Without the integration more teams are leaning toward using the JIRA based Agile boards vs. VersionOne to take advantage of the auto capture of code review results.

  • I would like to see this feature is integrated into VersionOne. I have used this feature in JIRA and it's an extremely useful feature for the dev teams. Any update on this?