It would be great to have a possibility to customize the email notification to simplify filtering and notification checking/reading.

Here are may ideas:
- A possibility to set the general prefix in subject for V1 emails
- A possibility to have a really fixed sender (not 'On Behalf' sender) - 'On Behalf' sender will be in email body
- A possibility to set prefix for projects
- A possibility to set prefix for notification about backlog items, issues, etc.
- A possibility to set specific text in the notification email body or generally adjust the email notification body at all


  • YES, YES, YES, YES... help us enable outlook filtering!

  • I had a request from my users regarding the ability to customize the email notification body. I'm voting for this idea.

  • Yes - Having a configuration parameter that allows setting a fixed sender address is necessary to prevent our Postini spam filter from quarantining emails sent from Version 1 on behalf of
    Sending on behalf of someone is spoofing and Postini, as well as other anti-spam products, will filter them out.
    The alternative is setting up a sub-domain within our company and white list each user which is a big pain in house. Please fix this!

  • +1 - We need to ability to filter the email notifications if not they become noise. This is becoming a real issue for my implementation. I am looking for a simple prefix in order for the email client to apply a rule.

  • Better filtering: I want to be able to filter Conversations that are specifically asking me to do something vs. conversations where someone has mentioned me merely fyi/c.c. In our previous ALM tool, I was able to filter 82% of the e-mails simply based on whether I was mentioned by name in the text of the message.

    So - please make it so that the doesn't list the Subscribers in the text of the e-mail, as this would allow a text filter to work. OR use a HTML non-breaking space character for the space between 'firstname lastname', so that I can filter based on firstname vs. 'firstname lastname'.