as we have very strict security specifications we have to host the idea-space ourselfs in our own environment.
we got the information from VersionOne (back in summer) that this will be available in the future, as a lot of customers already requested it.
unfortuantley there is no current status and I can't find something here on the idea-space.


  • We have the same problem here. We recently acquired ideas under the quite reasonable assumption that we could host it in-house since because we already host our own VersionOne server. We were quite surprised when we found out that remote hosting was our only option. We are now dead in the water and I have had to endure some embarrassment explaining this to our upper management.

    We were also told that this will be a future capability. I would like to get some status on when this might be expected, or at least some assurance that this is a planned capability.

  • Same problem. Due to our security policy we can not share our ideas/future plans somewhere on the internet. We need this information stored localy.

  • While it's not a security concern for us, self hosting is an option we would like.

  • Agreed. This should be a very high priority. Ideas could be a great interface for customer engagement, if only we could use it.

  • So what's the status on this? We were told two years ago that it was planned.

  • voting for local hosting

  • Local hosting is the only option to meet company compliance on confident data.

  • On our specific project, we want do not want our users' ideas in a public hosted space and have the need to stand up our own ideas server.

    We currently manage our user ideas mostly manually using an Excel spreadsheet on a SharePoint server so that the users can have visibility to the spreadsheet and edit their ideas as needed. These ideas are then duplicated in VersionOne as Requests in a separate project. The team periodically evaluates these and transitions the Requests into backlog items as they see fit. And then the Spreadsheet is updated with this new information so that it is visible to the users. This is very tedious.

    I understand that the possibility exists for a standalone setup for Ideas Management within our own environment in an upcoming release. I want to point out that this would be useful and I would like it implemented sooner rather than later.

  • I'd like to recommend local hosting as well. We can only use this if we host it ourselves. What's strange to me is that all of the above posts are over a year old, with no feedback on them to indicate when we can see it. Thoughts?

  • We have VersionOne Ultimate (self-hosted) and would love to use IdeaSpace. Unfortunately, it's never going to happen until we can control who has access.

  • This appears to be a duplicate of

  • We are based in Germany, Europe. The EU Court of Justice has ruled that the EU - US Privacy Shield agreement does not protect EU citizens personal data protection rights thus inhibiting the legal transfer of personal data across the Atlantic based on this standard.
    So for us Europeans an on premise solution is a must in order to use IDEAS, which we would like to.