I want an easier interface to prioritize Epics. Currently there's only the "order" column with up arrows. Please change it to something like the Netflix queue (able to modify priority numbers). Also, having backlog items, defects and Epics all on the same screen would be nice. I like that you can take a single backlog item that's in an Epic and can make it a higher priority item but the Epic's priority remains the same (e.g. research part of an Epic is high priority for this sprint); however, I'd like some way of visualizing that the backlog item is not the same priority as the other items in the Epic. Of this long winded idea, changing the priority like the "Netflix queue" is top priority for me.


  • It would simply be great to be able to drag-n-drop Epics to sort them, in the same way that you currently can with backlog items.

  • With agile development, the order of stories(what we call priority) is very important. We would like V1 to have an order (or numeric priority) field that will not only show the order, but allow users to change the order by editing the number in the priority. This was especially painful when our data was migrated to V1 and the order of the previous stories was lost.