It would be nice to know when a story was split forward, not just that it was split from a previous story.


  • I have been asking for this very field for just about 3 or 4 years!

  • I agree with this. Now that we can also split defects this should also mark the "Split to field"

  • The lack of this feature is forcing us to move stories from iteration to iteration, as it's quite hard to track the evolution of a given story through iterations.

  • We also need this feature, it's really unlogical to only have a split from, and no split to.

  • Reports on defects, such as trends showing defect open dates and Sprint leakage, are virtually impossible without this feature. It seems to me this is a huge hole in Defect Management functionality. Now I understand why Defect Management is often done outside of Version One. I hope this is resolved soon, because otherwise it is much better to keep track of Defects along with the Stories in V1.

  • Vote for this

  • This feature is really needed to assist with tracking patches which are associated with the original task / work item.

  • I very much agree with Fer T. who said above this: "The lack of this feature is forcing us to move stories from iteration to iteration, as it's quite hard to track the evolution of a given story through iterations."
    We are in the exact same situation. This is a very much needed feature, which would seem like an easy addition. Please consider adding this!

  • Is this still being looked into. I would also like it to apply to creating regression tests from test cases, but do not know if that would be different. I think based on the UI that it would be the same code, but....

  • I really need this! Thanks

  • This is a much needed tracking mechanism in VersionOne. It's not always easy to search by work item name to find the "Split To" item. Sometimes the name is changed in the new sprint. We really need this enhancement!

  • Please!!! We need this in order to allow requestors to track their original request.

  • Please make this available. This especially troublesome to our business users who use ID's in email a lot only to find that that the story was closed in progress (for example) but cannot immediately see that it was split. We are aware of process related related issues associated with causing splits but they happen in every project regardless of how good we are.

  • Agree with all sentiments in this thread. We use the splitting feature in VersionOne. But without a 'Split to...' field, we can never classify a story as truly completed. Our (not working very well) work around is to use the estimate pts field -- All split stories get a zero in the estimate pts filed. But there are non-split stories that also get a zero in the estimate pts field. We really need this feature to perform sprint level analysis look forward to using this feature in the near future.

  • Guys, if you are looking for a link to the new work item that was created after splitting existing one, you can find that link in Activity Stream panel that can be open on the left side in the detailed view of the work item.

  • Thank you for the suggestion Andrey, but for our purposes, we depend need to depend on exported data/fields from the story object In versionone.

  • The "Split To" field is needed. The team can easily fall into split stories and not learn or mature in estimating stories. This is a great way to show the teams how often are they splitting and as well to show when closing a sprint we can say that out of 50 stories - 15 stories were split and etc.