I would like to see key reports in VersionOne become accessible directly without the need to log in to the system. This would be ideal for executives who want to see a project summary report but have no other need to be in the system.


  • For me this would be great if we could create very limited read-only users for this very purpose. I still want to be able to control access, but I don't need a full user license for these users. They literally just need to be able to see what items are in a sprint, a burndown and that's it.

    We give this information to the ENTIRE company and right now we have to copy it out of V1 into our wiki portal every week, which is a PITA.

  • We are currently doing this by rewriting report by hand.

  • I think that this would be solved if VersionOne went to a floating license scheme. That way the executives could log in to get their reports without requiring extra licenses.

  • Not having this ability really goes against the Agile principle of transparency. Anyone should be able to look at this information without requiring a license.

  • This should work like google docs where you can publish a document (in this case a report) and that will generate a link that can be used from anywhere to access it without having to login.

  • Yes - something needs to be done about this. We are currently wasting a lot of time exporting information out of the system that is perfectly presented internally because it makes no sense at all to pay a full license for a casual user. Making observers not use up a license would be an easy way to do it.

  • Agreed. There are numerous stakeholders that I could keep informed by simply providing a URL. Most of the time, a look at a status chart will do versus having to disseminate a file.

  • Agreed. Alternately, allow zero-cost observers (so the reporting link isn't open to the public).
    Probably a separate, related issue, all reports should be reachable by a copyable link - so that they can be distributed in reports and emails.

  • This would be very helpful. With how deep and extensive of a feature set V1 has, it's just not realistic to expect casual users and many executives to learn how to navigate the tool nor be in it enough to justify a full license. If I could simply expose the reports and views to them that would be useful, it would greatly improve transparency. I would like a low or no-cost viewer license where I can point people to specific areas of the tool, and they wouldn't have access to anything else. I would still want them to have a login, however, because there is a security risk to publishing links, even internally.

  • With new leaders joining our organization recently and deciding whether or not to have their groups use V1, the lack of V1's ability to show various reports and views (Epic Kanban, Epic Tree, etc.) without a license has come up multiple times and has been a significant disappointment / turn-off.