Examples of default colors for backlog item states are that "Impeded" has the color green and "Done" has the color dark blue. It would be great to be able to select more intuitive colors for each state.

We have added a couple of states to our backlog items (Prioritized/Impeded/On Hold/Evaluate), which has caused the colors to change.

There is currently a "Configure" link, but this link only provides access to change the date span for the chart - not selecting custom colors.


  • Customizing the colors on the cumulative flow would be helpful. We're seeing a color repeat (green) and colors that are too close to distinguish easily when viewing the report.

  • It would also be nice to configure what statuses are included in the report. We have planning statuses that would never exist for stories in a sprint.

  • We would like to make more use of the Cumulative Flow graphic but the limitation of colors (repeating green) hinders its value for us.

  • I agree. I'm getting Red for Done and Green for None in the Cumulative Flow Chart. That's backwards. I'd like to be able to fix that.

  • Please make the colors clearly different and consistent, and allow for customization.

  • Has anyone found any fix for this issue so far ?

  • Customizable colors would be great. We have two people with color blindness and we have made sure all produced items are "color safe" for them based on a published pallet. Extending this into V1 would be a huge help.