It would be nice to have a way of creating a project based on another project, reusing same data set (stories, defect). An alternative would be to export/import functionality for dataset so that one could export data from one project and import them into another one.


  • We've been working on a solution to this for a while. We're using a project and sub-projects as our test directory. I want to copy the regression test (from test directory project) to the QA sprint we use to organize end-of-development testing. Currently struggling with the API query and import. A simple web app would solve this, we just haven't had the time to design and write one. The ability to clone would speed things along, though ideally I'd like to be able to filter what gets copied.

  • We have a model project we'd like to use for education and learning. We'd love to be able to clone this to someplace else so that the original one can continue and we have another one we can use for training and learning.

  • As a similar thing - we have portfolio items which recur at varying intervals (semi-annually, annually, etc.) It would be great to be able to clone those. Seeing that people also want to clone projects, perhaps a general cloning tool would be ideal?