When hitting the save button in the List View of the team room, the main Backlog view, or one of many other views, it's really annoying and a waste of time when the entire view is reloaded and you lose your place in the view. It would be great if only the item being updated was updated and the entire view didn't refresh. I can F5 or refresh the view myself if that's what I want to happen to pull in changes from other people.

One of the many examples where this is bad: My team performs task refinement is the List View of the Team Room once per sprint where I share my screen and we walk down the list of stories and task in the sprint. As we go down the list and make updates here and there I will hit Save every so often to ensure our updates are saved in between occasionally opening a task to add details etc. After I hit save the view is reloaded and I need to scroll down the everything to find where I was while my team is sometimes yelling out lower/higher over the phone so we can continue where we left off.