We want an option to scroll the whole screen vertically at the page level (the old way), not the cell level, so that we get majority of the stories on the page.

Currently we can only see 1 row of story in the Team Room - Story Board view, which is really hard to get a full picture of what's in the current sprint at a glance.


  • Hey Dora, thank you for taking the time to submit this idea, the vertical scroll by column is a new more modern approach to boards. For a "big picture" view would the list view in the TeamRoom not deliver that need?

  • Also, with the new changes there is more white space on top in the team room Storyboard. This is causing only seeing couple stories on the board. If I zoom out to get more stories, then it is harder for team members to read the story names when I am presenting.

  • another option is to add an option to NOT have the cell scrolling at all. My entire team dislikes it.

  • The cell scrolling is AWFUL! Everyone on my team hates it!

  • Please provide a way to disable the nested scrolling. It is TERRIBE!

  • I really dislike the cell scroll bars.

  • Scroll bars look like something from XX century website. Please add the possibility to at least select if we want to use scroll bars or "the old design".

  • Agree with everyone that the scrolling inside the cell is very very annoying. Please give us an option to turn it off! It makes it very difficult to overview the boards.

  • Joining the voice here. I needed a screen dump of the sprint in a glance and this I simply cannot get anymore because I with the new scroll function on columns only can see the 3 or 4 first stories on a swim lane.

    Opting in on at least a way to disable the function

  • Would really like such an option. Too easy to miss important information.

  • Thank you all for the feedback, we are considering removing the column scroll if group-by is in use. What do you think of this idea?

  • Would really love the scrolling option to be removed, it's easy to miss things with this option and doesn't seem to have any useful purpose.