I need to be notified when the status of a task changes. There is currently a notification when a Defect or Story status is changed, but there is no notification when the status of a task is changed. To help us manage our workload, we really need this feature. For example, we create a Code Review as a task for every defect and it would be nice to have notification of when that status is changed.


  • also for stories/defects etc.

  • Our team needs the same thing.

  • We need the roughly same thing, but the ability to be notified when the task previous to yours is completed. IE: If you're assigned to the Code Review task, you should receive a notification when the Code task is completed.

  • You can WATCH a task, test, BL item,...and get a notice when anything changes. Maybe too much info, but you will get status changes. It wold be better to have the same status tracking you have with BL items.

  • I have been asked about a notification when a test status is changed to Failed.

  • I down-vote this. Focusing too much on tasks/tests pull the focus away from where it should be (the story/workitem). What if the test failed, then was retested immediately and failed four more times, and then succeeded. Would you want all those notifications?