Would like to see Feature Groups added as an "Extended Field" to Requests. Would also like to see the Feature Group carry over when generating a Backlog Item or Defect.

Some of your clients leverage Feature Group for "Customers Management" and having the ability to track customer driven requests that result in work or defects will help with tracking and interfacing to various help desk systems.


  • Certainly Feature Groups field has to be added to Requests.
    When feature or enhancement requests come in, they need to be grouped to find similarities, overlap and to channel them to product managers and or finally to developers. The nature, type, application area or similar product structure or functionality group related similarity is most oftenly the common denominator in creating Epics or Backlog Items based on Feature Requests.
    Using Feature Group for 'Customer Management' is a workaround. And it is not a good practice to enhance a product just to enable a questionable workaround. Assuming this is keeping track of who has submitted the request and then giving feedback. This workaround is probably used because V1 Request does not have standard fields for internal or external contact person names, e-mails.

  • Feature Groups for Requests would be very helpful. We have a lot of requests and need to group them by the same features as stories and defects.

  • I too have had this request from a group in my company.

  • This is a critical capability to enable our CRM <-> ALM Integration. We need the Backlog Groups to be able to be applied to Requests.

  • Adding Backlog Groups to Requests would allow us to filter the request list to a specific functional area being focused on in an upcoming release to see if there are requests that we can “pick off” at the same time. We could also run reports to see which functional areas of the application are causing users the most grief so we can plan to focus on that area in an upcoming release.

    Currently we are using tags as a workaround – but it is annoying to add tags to the requests only to have to duplicate efforts when requests are converted to stories by then picking the backlog group on the story. It would save time if we could add the backlog group to the request and then have it carry over to the story when converted.

  • We have a need for this as well.