There are situations where it would be helpful for a centralized person to add notifications for a group of users. At a minimum this could be solved if an admin could create a notification and assign it to another user other than themselves.


  • I think this would be helpful in our organization. Not everyone here sets up notifications (often as a product of not knowing how, or not wanting to take the time). If admins could set up default notifications (while still allowing users to customize), it would help to solve that issue.

  • I need ability to setup notifications for different users based on their involvement in the project. I need ability to know that my team members actually got emails based on the notification that I setup for them. (So it will be no excuses later) It would be good to have required subscriptions and optional.
    Idea is to make sure user can’t remove notifications set by team manager and etc…

  • We strongly using notifications, and we need to have possibility to set/push notification from one person (Admin account) to choisen member group. System will create notification for each member in that member group. It is up to ju if member than can change this notification.

  • It would be great if you could send emails to all the owners of stories that have not yet closed at the end of a sprint. Having an option to do this automatically each sprint would be even better.

  • By default it appears that when issues are assigned to a user they are not notified, this we use notifications for and as others have started not all set this notification up and issues go unnoticed. Would be very useful. Especially if it is an admin applied and they therefore can not amend or remove.

  • As an admin, i need a way to setup notifications for all users in my company. This is a big pain point currently. Causes lot of confusion and additional steps in adoption of the tool.

  • Please allow for this. Some users never get around to (or maybe don't want to) set up their notifications. Setting these up per role would be a huge help. Any user assigned a particular role would receive the defaulted notifications. They could add additional ones, but could not take any away.

  • Agreed, this causes a lot of confusion and inefficiency.

  • As an admin, I want to create a set of default notifications for all users. As users are added to my project, I want them to be automatically "enrolled" in these notifications. I want to be able to manage these enrollments, and turn them on or off as I see fit. I want to see, at a glance, which users are enrolled in which notifications.

  • This is a good feature that can be implemented

  • As V1 admins, we really need to be able to lock down the email conversation setting. That is it defaults to ON when creating a new user, and they cannot turn it off.