When we are grooming or huddling, particularly when we copy a story to split it, my team may end up with several story tasks that we need to delete. Near as we can tell, there is no way to select multiple tasks to delete at once. We have to click "Delete" next to each and every task, confirm we want to delete each, and move onto the next. Given the regularly slow performance of Version One, this can take a lot of time while the team is sitting in our meetings just waiting for my Scrum Master or me to delete tasks one-by-one. It is inefficient. Please allow for bulk delete of tasks using a select/checkbox or similar. Thank you!


  • Yes, need to be able to select and delete multiple tasks with just 1 warning instead of going through it multiple times with a warning for each, taking a lot of time.

  • Andrea, thanks for the idea, I'll add a request for this, currently one quick way to do that would be the list view in your TeamRoom. On that panel you can expand stories and defects then use the checkboxes like you can on the backlog grids.

    I'd also be curious why you are using the copy option instead of the split option. The split option will try to identify which tasks/tests need to stay with the original story and move the not started or in progress items to the next story for you. There is also a relationship created for the two stories as well.