Possibility to define specific colors for each data on reports / graphs

Current behavior:
Today, there is no way to define specific colors for the different graphs in Agility.
Moreover, the colors of the same graph may be different depending if the report has been created from the Reports part or from the Analytics module.
E.g. creating a "Defect Priority Trend" histogram from the Reports part will use the yellow, blue, orange and pink colors whereas the same histogram created from the Analytics module will use blue, green, red and gray colors.

What is mainly disturbing is that having several similar histograms may result in having different colors for the same data in the dashboard views of the Analytics module (see screenshot in attachment).

Requested behavior:
Possibility to define a specific color for each data in a report / graph anywhere in the app (Reports, Analytics, …).
E.g. for the Defect Priority Trend, it should be possible to define a color for each severity (priority): Critical, High, Medium, Low (and even None).


  • If the colouring is based on a list value, perhaps using the colour used for the list item would be appropriate?
    Of course, custom lists would need to have a colour assigned to each value which is currently not possible.

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your anwser.
    Let's wait for a list color's enhancement then !

    Have a nice day,