As stories are added and moved between iterations different teams require different information to be displayed on the card while utilizing the Sprint Planning board in their team rooms. Each team should be able to customize the information displayed on the card just like they can the Story Board.


  • YES!!! If we could add Story Points, Dot colors, etc similar to how we can customize cards on the Story Board, this would be HUGE!

  • Very good idea, thank you.
    We have similar needs. The Sprint Planning Board is an excellent view when we want to review and possibly redesign the Sprint schedule of our team's projects' work. But the problem arises that we are not able to separate our team's work from other teams' work in the view, as far as we have defined dependencies between our team and other teams' work. This causes that in the view, each work (e.g. Story) has to be clicked open separately to make sure if it is our team's work or someone else's team's work. If the work tab could display, in this case, team information, it would be much easier to reschedule team jobs in the view, as there is no risk of inadvertently starting to move another team's jobs to different Sprints.