Sometimes a story goes from In Progress to On Hold, with a specific date being the condition that causes it to be ready again.

I would like to be able to take a story and move it to our On Hold column, and set a date at which it will automatically move back to In Progress or In QA (or whatever the original column was). Even better would be to send email notification to story owners that it has moved.

For my team, we make a lot of infrastructure changes that have to be verified in each environment as the change is deployed over the release cycle. So, a story may go on hold for a week until the next deployment, at which time, we want the story back to In Progress. Them we may do it again a couple more times. Right now, I keep track of it by adding dates in the title, which makes things messy and harder to review the board

I realize every team might have their own columns which don't include On Hold, so you'd have to make it a generic feature.