Unlike most apps that have text editing, if you paste in a URL, highlight it and click Ctrl-K, it doesn’t recognize it as a URL and add it to the URL field as one would think. It instead puts the link as the “Text to display”.

Considering how often I add links to stories, it's inconvenient. Typically I copy a link and paste into the story. I then copy the actual text I want for the link. Then I highlight the URL and click Ctrl-K. I already have title in my clipboard, but I have to copy URL and move to URL field. Then I have to go back and copy the title again and paste into the Text to display field. I rarely remember to do it in just the right order to avoid having to copy title twice. It may seem small, but it's irritating, unfriendly, and not consistent with nearly any app that allows linking.


  • Another option, which should be easy, is whatever text is highlighted when Insert Link window is opened, just copy that into both fields. Should be an extremely simple change that will be very helpful.