When a team member completes a task and changes the status of the task to complete. Can you automatically change the "To Do" hrs in the task to 0.00?


  • Thanks Andrea for this idea, one concern that comes to mind is the effort spent to complete the task. The system does not know if the time it took to complete the task was the same as the "to do" hours. This could misrepresent the numbers in reports, what are your thoughts on this concern?

  • The reports only consider the "Detail estimate Hrs" in the task level and it does not have any effect on "To Do Hrs". Holistically speaking, in all major reports you pull out of V1, the "Estimate pts" in the User story, has a significant impact on reports which gets translated to Story Points and Velocity. The "Detail estimate Hrs" or "To do hrs" are not directly proportional or they do not directly reflect on the "Estimate Pts" in the User Story in version one. So the answer to your question is "The numbers in these reports does not get impacted if we automate our "To do hrs" to "0.00" when we change the status of the task to "Completed".