Can you bring the view to how the user story fields appeared before the current release update? Bring the wider description field in the User story. Not enjoying the current split-screen update with the user story.


  • Please bring the previous view back!

  • Please bring back the previous view. The new view is not user friendly and difficult to read.

  • Please bring the previous view back! The new view is not user friendly and difficult to read.

  • Ditto. It's very difficult to view the content especially if I use half of my screen to view the story. Or at the least, provide another option to swap vertically in addition to left to right.

  • Very painful to work with the new view. Not a very efficient use of screens pace. Please, please bring back the old view or at least an option to choose that view.

  • Please bring back the old view. This one is downright painful to use. Swapping columns does not help. We should be able to expand the pane to type in the description/add photos, etc. .

  • Although there is a right or left arrow (chevron) that allows you to increase the size of the description, it still has the split screen.
    When trying to collaborate and share screens for remote workers, the font is so small that it is not easy to read for the viewer. If I increase the size of the font, then not as much verbiage is visible on the page and it is still not as user friendly as it was previously.

    Please at least add an option to view the description the full width of the screen. Or to hid the other fields of the product backlog item (user story).

    Thank you!!

  • It is very painful to work with the new view. Please bring back an old view or add a user preference to select desired view option. Thank you!

  • Please bring back the old view.

  • This new view is an absolute productivity killer. The description field is one of the most used fields and it NEEDS to support more than just text. If you are going to do this, please make the parameter pane SCROLLABLE. As a product owner and UX developer this new view is extremely painful.

  • This update actually harms my productivity. I am not sure what the purpose of the forced column view was, but it is disliked by my entire team. Could you add an option that removes the column view? Also, can the selection persist so I don't have to toggle out of column view more than once?

  • Ugh! If I need to put a full width screenshot into the description to show a problem with a user interface, the view gets tiny, and hard to read. If I then need to share my screen with colleagues, it's even harder to see. Please either restore the previous view, or allow users to set a view where the description can go full screen width.

  • This view is awful. The epics and stories I write are quite in depth for most of our features. Having only a partial screen width, even on a large monitor, is very inefficient. There is no need for having the fields vertically along the edge. It was much better when grouped at the top, then having the full width to discuss the description data, and then any other fields below. Everyone in my company that I have talked to that either writes epics/stories or views them (all of our developers) HATE this new view. No one can fathom why anyone thought this was a good UI layout. Bring back the previous view either as an option or just change it back!

  • Getting a lot of negative feedback from users on this change e.g. "I find the issue is mainly with screenshots. You have to resize the screenshots to be pretty small to fit in the expanded view of the ACs....they definitely don't fit in the non-expanded view of the ACs window. If you leave the screenshots at a reasonable size, then you have to scroll horizontally to see the full screenshot...but, that is not so easy because you must scroll to the bottom of the ACs window to get to the horizontal scroll bar then scroll back up to see the screenshot (which is now cutoff on the other side and any written ACs are cut off on the right side of screen). Also, a smaller window means more scrolling for longer ACs and they text formatting toolbar is still only at the top of the AC window. So you have to scroll up and down to format your text while writing your ACs (in my opinion, this has always been a problem but now the issue increases with more wrapped text due to smaller window size). Obviously, I am still able to write ACs and add screenshots and such. I just don't feel the change made an improvement.

  • Really an unfortunate update with this left and right split view. The old way was way better, less cumbersome, and always included the most important fields. With this new UI, scrolling left to right is a new chore I didn't have to deal with previously. And if we're stuck with this, at least make it default to having the project/iteration/team/owner/etc fields be on the left. Having all that to the right makes it appear as an afterthought, when it is probably the most important information in there.

    Seems like there are lots of other product enhancements that could have been made that many of us would have prioritized above this strange UI change.

  • I have mixed feelings about this new view, and have a team member who likes it. But once the user swaps left-to-right, could you please make that setting stick so we don't have to change it every new story we view? Or have it as a preference we can set and change on the fly in individual stories? Thank you!

  • Please bring back the previous layout. The new format is not user friendly. When you copy and paste screenshots, you can not easily see them when you revisit your defect/enhancement item. It seems like the most important information/details are now terribly small and hard to review.

  • I've already commented here, but I want to add that I would second every single one of the comments above this one. The new layout has to go.

  • At my company, we are having a problem with the new UI. This wider look is very difficult. It is all stretched out and now you can't see a whole board. You have to scroll over. Please fix ASAP! This is adding a great deal of wasted time to our day now. This change did not add any value to your product.

  • Margaret B. - I completely agree with your comments, but I think you're talking about the Storyboard view, right? We have the same complaints you have about having to scroll and scroll and scroll now that they seem to have made the column widths all the same. Really a pain to use now. Wish they would focus on adding functionality rather than (what I would characterize as) useless UI updates.

  • Thank you all for the feedback so far, this idea is covering two topics. The first is the main idea subject, asset detail changes, is listening and in the last point release we did implement persistence for user selections on the asset detail page. The result is if a user arranges an asset those choices will persist when they open another asset. In addition to that if a user expands the description field that will also persist. We appreciate the continued feedback around the asset detail page.

    The second topic is around the fixed width to the portfolio kanban, story, task, and test boards. The original intention of this was to increase performance for customers using a board with a high card count. However, this overall, has provided a negative experience for teams with several statuses for assets. The fixed column width will be reverted this weekend and potentially brought back when we support...collapsing columns. Yes, you just read that, if a user has unwanted columns they will be able to collapse them, or if a column does not have a card in it, Agility will be able to collapse that column for you.

  • The main issue with the user story Description and asset detail page continues to be a pain point for our scrum teams, as it causes us to have to scroll back and forth to see the full story Description and Acceptance Criteria within the user story form. I have had repeated requests from many scrum team members asking when this will be reverted back to the way it was before. Please advise if reverting it back to the way it was is possible and if there is an ETA on when this can be done. Thank you.

  • Laurie, thank you for the additional feedback, unfortunately we do not have plans to revert asset details to the old layout. You mention scrolling, are the teams inserting large images or screenshots into the fields? If so, is there a reason the attachment option is not being used and those images referenced in the description field?

  • I'll answer that question from my perspective - the reason we don't use the attachments is because it's more convenient to just paste a screenshot in the description field. We've been doing it for years - 8+ years - and it was never a problem until the recent Asset Details changes. Look at all this feedback on this one "Idea" and please help all of us who are very unhappy about it understand why you're not changing it back.

  • I'll second everything Tyler wrote here. We also insert screenshots and mockups directly in the Acceptance Criteria (AC) field because when we're grooming with the team, why would we want to toggle back and forth between running through the AC and the screenshots in the attachment? If that's what VersionOne expects, then it would just be easier not to use the AC field at all and put all of the story details--screenshots and AC--into an attachment. But nobody wants that because it's not as convenient as having everything in the AC field. We've also been doing this for years.

    Our QA team puts their test artifacts into stories as attachments and I wish even that had its own field instead of having to open one or sometimes 6 attachments (because of the attachment size limitation) to be able to accept a story.

  • In response to Digital.AI's question to me - and thanks to those who've responded with examples of their own regarding coping screenshots into the form (which we also sometime do) - our teams insert a table template into the story Description to help us to consistently use the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) format for describing our stories. The tables have 3 columns and often contains a lot of information that causes the table to expand across the screen. In the old format, we did not have to scroll to see all the contents in the Description, but in the new format of the asset details we do need to scroll even after selecting the expand the Description area as wide as the form will allow us to. It seems that all the feedback received so far indicates that this new format for the story asset is causing a lot of extra work and time for the scrum teams across multiple companies, and we implore Digital.AI to please bring back the old format!

  • Thank you to all those that provided feedback, we continue to consider both constructive and positive feedback regarding the changes to the asset details page. We will ensure to take these comments back to our user experience team. We will review table use with the new layout and also take the feedback around using screenshots within the description field.

  • Agree with the comments about the changes to the asset details layout (primarily reducing the width of the description). This is causing friction across our organisation due to the increased need for scrolling (which itself is difficult when you have a lot of information in the description).

  • Very disappointed with the new way the Description panel is no longer full page width. This makes adding and displaying content, esp. screenshots, mockups and workflow diagrams problematic as not all content can be displayed. Scrolling across the page is a painful process of many more clicks to get to the bottom of the panel and scrolling up again. All these extra actions are far from my positive V1 user experience to date and is exceptionally frustrating to both myself and my colleagues.

  • Thank you to everyone who worked to make the Asset Details configurable in the recent release. That is a huge win in my book. Well done.