We use PlanningRooms in order to display all the information needed for synchronization meetings in one place. For that purpose and because the pre-configured ones were not enough, we added several WebPanels displaying VersionOne links with specific views. For example, there is a WebPanel for issues, for PI Objectives, or a specific view for Features.

Why we do this:
- In order to have everything in one place without having to navigate through the application (especially during meetings)
- In order to show pre-configured views. That saves people from configuring their own views

The problem is: when we use a VersionOne link into a WebPanel, the menu is displayed twice, in the page and into the WebPanel.

The idea: would it be possible to have an option to hide those menus? I see several options here:
1. The ability to add a parameter to the URL in order to hide the menus
2. When using a VersionOne link into a WebPanel, the menus are hidden automatically
3. A checkbox to choose what we want to do

Who would want this:
- People who extensively use views and TeamRooms or PlanningRooms
- People who want to display information on an autonomous screen

Does it make sense?