I would like to ask for a feature that combines portfolio tree data, organized hierarchically, with filterable backlog item information.

The "classic" Portfolio Tree used to allow users to view backlog items in a way that was organized by Portfolio AND could be filtered for some backlog item criteria. For instance, I could look at all of my backlog items with a Priority of High and see them organized by Portfolio. By removing the ability to filter backlog items in the portfolio tree view, we've also completely lost the ability to combine filtered backlog data with any sort of portfolio information.

This wouldn't be so bad if a normal backlog view allowed you to see fully qualified Portfolio information, but there's no customizable option for that in the backlog view either. I can see the immediate Portfolio an item lives in, but there's no way to see it's parent(s).

Portfolio tree data combined with filterable backlog item information could be an immensely powerful tool for Product Owners and decision makers who are trying to see a big picture in large or complicated backlog scenarios.