Integrate with Mural ( both upstream and downstream.

-- Mural to V1 -
As a user (planner) who has elements on a Mural board, I want to be able to select individual elements and export them to create Stories/Issues in V1.
-- Text on Mural element will become the Title of the V1 issue
-- Select V1 planning level, iteration, team, portfolio item (optional)
-- BONUS: Mural element will be updated with link to newly created V1 issue

-- V1 to Mural integration -
As a user (planner) who has features and stories already entered in V1, I want to export them to a specific Mural board so they show up as individual stickies which I can use to manipulate on my Mural board.
-- Title of V1 issue would be populated as text on the Mural sticky
-- Mural sticky will be linked to the V1 issue

As a BONUS -- As a user, I would like my Mural elements that are linked with V1 issue links to stay synchronized (e.g. if I change the title, it will update on the other platform).

Mural is very versatile to create mind maps, flows, affinity clusters, etc.
Many of our leaders are using Mural for planning and currently, a lot of time is wasted trying to link the V1 issue link to a Mural sticky or text box.