As a VersionOne user, I need to be able to make bulk edits to properties on backlog items, defects, requests, and other asset types so that my productivity is significantly improved. VersionOne already supports some bulk-editing capability, such as Move to Project or Delete on all items in the grid. This request is to enhance that feature to bulk-edit properties, like Type, Status, Owner, and so on.

This feature would help Product Owners and Scrum Masters (60-70 people in our enterprise rollout) to be more productive. These people work with hundreds of items on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis, particularly during release planning cycles.


  • This should include bulk editing/updating of custom fields as well.

  • This should apply to tests too.

  • very good idea, coz instead of surfing 1 by 1 on the items and change a field, one could apply the changes to a set of items and bingo user can rathen focus on productivity... For my part, this is a MUST.<
    T. O. Bellooooo

  • Allow bulk assigning of Projects to Programs.

  • Bulk-editing epics is also needed! Hey, look at Fogbugz how they have implemented bulk-editing!

  • seems related to

  • We are in need of this feature as well

  • +1

  • Bulk assignments of test cases (Acceptance or Regression) would be a HUGE time-saver. +1

  • How is this not a thing? It's basic list view behavior.