Can you please add a Backlog item Status change report to your built-in report repertoire?

I work in an Agile Center of Excellence and provide a ton of tier 3 V1 support for a fairly large number of power users out of a community of over 10,000 users. Multiple times now I've been asked for getting visibility into backlog item status changes. When do they happen within the lifecycle of a story? It's a reasonable question. As a former Jira power using I was able to get these data out from Jira easily. Yet, in V1 it's nearly impossible. There are no built-in reports that expose these data, and API calls can only get info on one item at a time using the ActivityStream API. Yet, when you use the ActivityStream API it's obvious status changes, their timestamps and additional info are being persisted. So why is it nearly impossible to access it? It makes zero sense to me.

Please make it easier to provide experienced users access to backlog item status changes. It's reasonable to expect to be able to do this. Thank you.