In the Fall 17.3 Release, Tagging was introduced with the intention to have them automatically removed from the Admin grid if all assets that use them are closed. Later that was "fixed" to keep all tags ever created available to be picked. But now, will have to constantly deal with employees picking the wrong tag through no fault of their own. For example:


QA – John Doe
QA – Jonh D.
QA – Jonh Doe
QA – Jon Doe
QA – John D
QA – John
QA –John Doe
QA–John Doe
QA– John Doe

Or release versions:

V 1.2.3
V 1 2 3
Product Name - V1.2.3

We’ve already got single, double, and triple digit reference numbers being added as tags – soon I think we will have all the whole numbers up 1000 or more in there – making the lookup/select action less reliable over time.

Eventually the pick list will have the colloquial “everything but the kitchen sink” in there – making it hard to enforce consistent tag usage. On the other hand, removing them when all assets that use them are closed also leads to the creation of slightly different tags that mean the same. Either way, someone will need to always ‘manage the tags’ (constantly merging the mistakes).

But, it would help reduce the burden if an Admin could ‘remove’ a tag manually from the list of available tags on the administration grid because they are no longer needed or desired to be available for picking especially when all assets that use the tag are closed. (such as the example above where the tag included an employee’s name, but they left the company.)