In the Backlog view, the only option for filter on a Rollup Category is "is" and only allowed to select one of Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. We need the ability to either allow multi-select two Rollup Categories, or the ability to set the filter to "is not". We need an easy way to create a backlog view of any item that is not yet Completed (i.e. Not Started or In Progress).


  • This is quite critical. In order to properly filter to find "Not Started" or "In Progress" for a particular backlog group, in my case I have to select 9 teams, and 30 different statuses. The change in behavior in May caused the product owners to miss about 50 defects that need to be fixed in the next 9 days. I only found by doing an export of V1 data through a 3rd party tool!