In many cases a Feature may contain scope that is relevant to both an Epic that is specific to a single Area or Department, as well as, to a larger Enterprise initiative defined by a Program Epic, for example. It would be very helpful to be able to have a secondary Portfolio Item assignment option that provides this dual parent-child relationship so that reporting can automatically roll up to different levels of the organization.


  • Agree with this request. We have had to devise a solution outside of V1. Integration of this functionality within the tool would be very beneficial.

  • Maintaining this relationship outside of VersionOne requires a lot of emails and manual intervention... both of which are highly prone to errors

  • Please please please add this functionality! We have a lot of work that is relevant to multiple epics and would love to be able to report out on how the work associates with each one. Thank you!

  • IMHO this is a question of proper project set-up, comparable to System Team or extenal Workpackages as covered in SAFe. How many parents do you have?