I am a story author and I use "My Views" a great deal in both the backlog and the portfolio tree; I can create these set filters directly from those pages and it's extremely helpful, especially now that I found I can include the project tree selection. Using My Views, I can quickly switch between projects, prep type (backlog grooming, PI planning, etc.), and any other filter sets I use often. But if I need to adjust the filters on one of the views, or even just rename a view, I have to adjust it, save it as a new view, then go back and delete the old view. This is challenging when my new view needs to have the same name as an old view. Please enhance My View to allow us to edit and rename existing views without simply creating a new view and deleting the one it's replacing.

Please note that this is NOT the same as "My Filters" - that does not seem to provide the same convenient filtering I have available in My Views.

Thank you!


  • Having to delete, recreate and reshare a view causes a lot of churn for the teams, especially if the view is used by a large number of people. Should be able to update the view without causing rework for all of the people using the views.