Milestones incorrectly display on the Program Board when they are in the past of the current Sprint date range and the "Show Closed Sprints" option is not selected. The only way to correct the display is to select the option to "Show Closed Sprints." The system should not stack all of the old milestones under the current open Sprint when the "Show Closed Sprints" option is not selected. It should hide Milestones that are not within a date range of an open Sprint under that condition.


  • Note that idea "Ability to Close or Update the Status of a Milestone" is related to this idea but doesn't fully address this idea.

  • Note that there is a also an issue where Milestones show up in a data range of an earlier sprint if a sprint has not yet been created that captures the milestone date. As soon as a sprint is create for this future time, the Milestone moves to the future sprint. One would think the milestone would be parked in the Unplanned or Out of Scope columns until the new sprint was created that encapsulates the date.